I want to watch / present / record!

I want to watch!

Awesome! Most meetings will be saved on YouTube, but if you want to watch in real-time (and thus be able to talk to the presenter) then you should join our Slack!

I want to present (webinar)!

Thank you so much for your interest!! Your presentation can be a presentation of your own work (like a brown bag) or your overview and thoughts on a research paper (like a journal club). You can also elect whether you’d like a saved recording of the webinar available on YouTube.

We recommend that brown bag presentations last 10-20 minutes long and that you be available for discussion afterwards with the audience. With journal club presentations, all we ask is that you spend some time recapping the article and initiating the discussion with some of your own thoughts before turning to discuss with the audience.

We can also support other presentation formats — just let us know what your idea is!

I want to record lectures for the repository!

You are too kind! :’)

Please join our Slack group, specifically the “recording_repo” channel, and let us know that you are interested. We can discuss how to get in contact with your workplace to start recording lectures. We will also add your name to our list of OnNeuro contributors.