OnNeuro hosts online neuroscience/psychology presentations where viewers can interact with the speaker in real-time. This format opens the door for a wide array of guest speakers (you can present at home in your pajamas!) and a large, easily accessible audience of researchers.

We ask that you condense your presentation to approximately 15-20 minutes and be available for up to 40 minutes of extended discussion following your talk. Please send us an email to OnNeuro@gmail.com if you are interested in giving a talk, specifying which of the following formats below works best for you.

Research Talk: This format is similar to a normal research conference talk. Note that we are not an imposing group! We are mostly graduate students that simply wish to learn about your work, there is no need to be excessively polished and formal!

Private Talk: This format aims to alleviate the concern that you might not want your in-progress research made publicly available. The meeting will be live-streamed but a saved recording will not be made publicly available.

Article Discussion: Lead a discussion on a research article of your choice! While of course we will distribute the article beforehand via email, assume that most viewers have not read the article beforehand. Your 15-20 minute presentation should consist of your summary of the article. The extended discussion will then be a free-form group chat about impressions/questions/critiques.

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Meetings are live-streamed over YouTube, subscribe to our mailing list for updates on future meetings! Meetings typically last an hour, composed of a 15-20 minute presentation and then extended discussion. Feel free to type into the YouTube chat box at any time and we can read your comments and questions to the speaker!