What is OnNeuro



Contact: onneuro@gmail.com

OnNeuro hosts online neuroscience/psychology presentations where viewers can interact with the speaker in real-time.

Currently, if a student wanted to learn about new research, they would need to attend research conferences (sometimes impossible due to time and cost) or read published articles (lacks social connection and often papers are published years after results were first presented). An online conference allows for the efficient flow of ideas between institutions and research areas. We hope that OnNeuro may help you break out of your current academic “bubble” and connect you with a new community of researchers across the globe!

If you are a researcher, this is your chance to share your work with a wider audience and to connect with other members of the scientific community! If you are not a researcher, this is a unique chance to listen/speak with scientists paving the way for research.

We are currently in partnership with The Ohio State University Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Brain Imaging. The image at the top of this page shows you what our live audience of OSU neuroimagers looks like, not to mention the live YouTube audience that will also be tuning in!

Please sign up to be informed of future meetings and feel free to view past recordings on our YouTube channel. We thank you for your interest. Please email onneuro@gmail.com to let us know any ideas or comments you have about the platform!