About Us


Paul Scotti founded OnNeuro as an undergraduate at The George Washington University in late 2016. He is now a PhD student at The Ohio State University, conducting research on how attention and prior experience influence memory degradation. Specifically, he uses psychophysics, computational modeling, and fMRI to understand what factors distort the learning, storage, and retrieval of long-term memories. He hopes that OnNeuro can serve as a communication platform across researchers and the public, allowing those who may not have easy access to scientific discussions to participate in the field.


Molly McKinney is the co-host and head of marketing for OnNeuro. She has an interest in just about anything, wanting to share what she learns with everyone she meets. She has a background in video design, currently volunteers as a Neuroscience Ambassador to the OSU Neuroscience Program, and works as a research assistant in the Cognitive Control lab headed by Dr. Andrew Leber.